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Whether you’re powering fleets of many, of few, or individual cars, find the answers to any and all workplace charging qu’s. And if in doubt, give us a shout.

Installing Weev chargers can attract environmentally conscious customers, employees, and tenants while contributing to a greener future. It is a valuable amenity for your business. Find out more.

Contact our business development team to discuss your needs and explore the feasibility of installing Weev chargers at your premises. Email or visit our Become a Location Partner page.

When you install Weev chargers at your location you will receive

  • 24/7/365 Driver Support
  • Fleet Portal Software
    • Driver Charging Reports
    • RFID Fob Management
    • Enable/Disable Fobs
  • Cloud Managed Hardware
  • Hardware Maintenance & Support

You can also report any issues through our support channels for swift assistance by emailing or calling 028 9031 3031.

There are a variety of EV Charge Point grants for staff and fleets.

  • The grant covers up to 75% of the cost of installing the infrastructure needed for charge points to operate and for future charge points to be installed.
  • There is a limit of £15,000 per grant
  • Your business can receive 5 grants, up to a maximum of £15,000 each
  • The installed infrastructure must support a minimum of 5 parking spaces with at least one working Charge Point
  • Chargers only for staff and essential suppliers only

Visit our Need Some Help? Apply for a grant pager or contact our Workplace sales team on 028 900 948.

Offering EV charging can attract and retain customers, tenants, and employees. It demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and sets your business apart from competitors.

Yes, the Weev Business Account can support you in monitoring and reporting usage in addition to tracking, generating reports, and analysing data.

Our workplace charging stations typically support common charging connectors to accommodate a variety of electric vehicles.

We provide the Weev Power Platform where employees can monitor their charging history, track usage, and access other relevant information regarding their fleet’s activities.

Our workplace charging stations adhere to strict safety protocols, are certified, and undergo maintenance to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

If you encounter a non-functional charging station or one in need of maintenance, please report the issue to our team

Workplace charging stations are designed to be compatible with a wide range of electric vehicle makes and models.