Property Manager

Provide residential charging?

Are you being pestered for EV charging from your tenant? Weev got a specialised team who can create tailored solutions to maximise the power at your properties.

Flats or Apartments

Managing a property with shared parking? Weev can assess the property to create an EV charging solution which will enable your tenants to charge their cars and future-proof it. You maybe eligible for a grant as part of the shared housing schemes, which are team will advise on when visiting your property.

Terraced Houses

Would like to offer EV charging at your property(s) which have no driveway? Why not invite them to join our network, or suggest a location for us to add a public charger near you. We can review possible sites near your property and create a public charging solution to benefit your tenants.

New Builds

If you are a property developer then why not make your properties EV ready with Weev. We have a specific new build charging solution which allows you to have the property EV ready. When the new tenants are ready to go EV they contact us and we make the charger live.

Shared Housing Schemes

Managing shared or social housing? Did you know that Weev can install chargers which can only be used by your tenants which you can easily monitor, measure and charge them for? With Weev we can deploy different software’s to suit your needs.
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Managing a property?

If you own or rent out properties we can handle the entire process, which includes handling the grant application.
Got more questions?

The world of EV is ever-changing

That’s why in the Weev world things are kept simple and guidance is available to all.

Weev provides a variety of home chargers. To view our home chargers visit Our Chargers page.

It is recommended to hire an experienced OZEV Weev EV charging professional for a safe and reliable installation.

Maintaining a home EV charger is straightforward but essential. Regularly check for visible damage, keep the unit clean from debris, and manage the charging cable to prevent wear.

No driveway

Not a property owner?

Oops, you’ve made come to the wrong section, but not to worry we have some options for you below.
no driveway
No off-street parking?
Weev is accredited by OZEV and ZEVI to install EV charging at your apartments or shared accommodation.
no driveway
Do you live in an apartment?
If you own or rent your property we can handle the entire process, which includes handling the grant application.