Our CSR promise

To leave our society and environment better than we found it. To continue to learn and educate. To never lose sight of our Weev values.
Sustainability goals

We aim to become a B-Corp accredited business.

As our business scales our team consistently make decisions based in generating a positive impact on our planet. From the clothing we wear, which is made from recycled plastics and organic cottons, to how we recycle old chargers. Every little action makes a big impact.

Created in 2015, the UN SDGs set out 17 targets to combat global issues by 2030.

This included combatting poverty, improving education and protecting the planet. Goal 9 (UN SDG9) is our point of focus: “To build a resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.”

We are building the much needed infrastructure on the island which is critically underserved with only 2.96 rapid chargers per 100k population vs 13.6 across the rest of the UK. The UN view electric cars as a key way to reduce our impact on the planet by using fossil fuels. By building this network, we’re making positive change possible.

Weev in the community

In everything we do we believe in EV education

Teaching the benefits of transitioning to EV and how we are building the network which will mitigate range anxiety. Our team take time to engage and educate everyone we meet on how the EV charging ecosystem works and how easy it is to switch to EV. Learn more about our initiatives below.

PIPS charity

Support beyond EV

Every Weev charger across Ireland feature a QR code that connects users to the PIPS website for vital support, information about mental wellbeing, and donation services. Find out more about the great work that the Pips charity does on the link below.

Road safety

Stop. Look. Keep looking.

Weev is proud to partner with Road Safe to deliver a campaign workshop, free of charge to all primary schools across Northern Ireland as well as other educational support.

Fastest growing network

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