At Work

Weev got the workplace charging solution for you

Whether you have 1 or 50 EVs, our team are on hand to assess your workplace’s needs to create a tailored solution.

Why go EV?

Did you know that workplaces can be eligible for grants of up to £75,000 to install workplace charging solutions? Find out if you are eligible today.

Our Local Team

Our experts will visit you to assess your capacity and grant entitlement, before building the best EV solution for you.


We deliver seamless installations by engaging early with all stakeholders to minimise disruption and mitigate risk.


Our back office software enables you to easily manage your chargers including setting pricing and monitoring usage.


If you need help, our Assure support service is only an email or call away, alongside our handy FAQ page.
EV grant


Grant support is available for UK residents (including Northern Ireland) for EV bays and socket installation.

How our team guides you

In the ever evolving world of EV, our team have come experts within the sectors to provide the best EV solution for your workplace.
Step 1

Initial chat where we will request your MPRN/MIC to access capacity

Step 2

Our team will visit your workplace to conduct a technical assessment

Step 3

Supplying a Workplace Charging Proposal

Step 4

Proposals Agreed and the Contracts are Signed

Step 5

Installation including a demo of how to set-up and operate our software

Step 6

Support when you need it from your local Weev team


Choose your charger, and get started with Weev

Explore our chargers in more detail below to unlock the power of EV.

1hr = 50mi / 80km*


1hr = 200mi / 320km*

Ultra Rapid

1hr = 400mi / 640km*

Ultra Rapid X

1hr = 600mi / 965km*

Our fastest charger yet
Weev EV Charging Software

The complete business charging package

If your team are charging at the workplace or using our public network we have the perfect solutions to give you full visibility of your fleets charging activities.
Weev EV for business

More than a new EV

Thinking of getting a new EV? Get more than that with us. Our deals include tyre changes, servicing, maintenance and repairs, breakdown assistance, a home charger, and installation for only £999.

Plus £100 free credit to use on our Weev public network.

Larger fleet

Convert your fleet to EV

Speak to our team about our EV Suitability Assessment in partnership with GEOTAB. We use GEOTABs telematics data to review your fleets usage over 90 days. Our EV team will assess the data and provide you with financial forecasts and recommendations to start converting your fleet. The charging support required including available workplace charging grant support.

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