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Get to know some key people in our team of innovative thinkers and doers

Philip Rainey

Chief Executive Officer
Philip Rainey has been a leader for over 40 years, building market-leading businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. As a previous Ireland International Rugby player his leadership is fundamental to Weev’s exponential growth rate.

Thomas O’Hagan

Chief Commerical Officer
Tommy has a proven track record of building start-ups and growing these into highly profitable customer-centric businesses. His passion for “doing better” is why he Co-Founded Weev in 2022 seeing the niche in the market.

Graeme Thompson

Chief Financial Officer
Graeme Thompson our CFO has been a CFO for international business overseeing strategic planning, business processes, investor relations, and analytical skills. He has been fundamental to Weev securing their 50 million funding from OSIF

Cillian Rooney

Chief Operations Officer
Meet Cillian Rooney, our COO, leading our Pre-Construction, SHEQ, Operations, and Maintenance teams. With an MCIOB status, Cillian drives excellence and innovation at Weev ensuring we are building a reliable and trusted network.

Lynsay Black

Legal Counsel
Meet Lynsay Black, our legal powerhouse with dual qualifications in Northern Ireland and England/Wales. Leading the Weev Legal Team, she navigates EV Charging Facility rollouts, conquers legal due diligence, crafts contracts, and serves strategic brilliance. If in doubt ask Legal.

Chris Wylie

Finance Manager
Meet our Finance Pro and Excel King: Chris Wylie navigates daily finance tasks, tackles Power BI, and drives KPI reporting. At Weev, he’s modernised our financial systems, implementing a new accounting setup and a custom KPI tracking system.

Lucy Davis

Marketing Manager
Lucy Davis, our Marketing Manager, propels Weev to unparalleled heights as the premier charging brand in Ireland. A CIM Level 6 expert, she creates strategic campaigns, solidifying her role as the driving force behind Weev's innovative and impactful marketing which focuses on delivering a positive impact on our people, communities, and planet.

Ciara Campbell

Operations Manager
Meet our Operations Manager, Ciara Campbell. Ciara has been at the forefront of the operations team building optimal processes, managing supply chains, and championing quality. With a proven track record in diverse industries, she is the results-driven force ensuring everything runs smoothly for our customers.

Dave Ferson

Head of Technical
Meet the Head of Technical, Dave Ferson. He leads the pre-construction team, managing everything from feasibility studies to electrical design and NIE liaisons. Precision and innovation define Dave's approach, making him the backbone of our construction excellence.

Bob Sittlington

Programme Delivery Manager
With 25 years in Engineering and Manufacturing, he leads projects installing chargers on complex sites. Bob provides updates to the Senior Team and Board, ensuring smooth project delivery aligned with key operational KPIs.

Chris Hanna

Sales Manager
Chris Hanna is our founding Sales Manager who is building our Public Network. He has a wealth of experience building business and sales teams. His focus is on building strong relationships with our customers and ensuring their revenue grows within the installation of our chargers.

Roger O'Kane

Sales Manager
Heading up our Electric Vehicles division, Roger is a dynamic and determined Sales Manager. His commitment to finding the best deals for customers has earned him high regard. Roger's team keeps it simple, ensuring customers fully understand our fantastic product offerings, including salary sacrifice.

Paul Gough

Sales Manager
Paul Gough, is our Sales Manager for Workplace and Fleet. Paul is the driving force behind our Workplace Team, excelling in KPI management, CRM oversight, and survey scheduling. Paul's extensive track record speaks to his expertise and strategic leadership.

Laura Henderson

Senior People Specialist
Laura is the empowering driving force behind our people. With a wealth of experience in the manufacturing sector, Laura is focused on developing and implementing our people and CSR strategies. As our industry rapidly evolves, Laura ensures that our team have the capability and drive to lead our innovative practices.

Neil Campbell

Chartered Landscape Architect
Neil leads our in-house design team, who meticulously create our project designs and drawings. Their experience in sustainable landscaping, regulations, guidelines and our customer's charging experience, enable Weev to create the best charging solutions within our spaces.

Joanne McIntyre

Bid Manager
Meet Joanne, Our Bid Manager, with unrivalled experience gained over 15 years in the construction industry. Her attention detail coupled with a passion for innovation and sustainability drive Weev to the forefront of our emerging sector. She has an approachable yet pragmatic style to management which pushes our team to revolutionise the thought process to deliver the EV charging solutions our customers demand.

Peter Horgan

SHEQ Co-ordinator
Peter is the protector in Weev. With his NEBOSH qualifications and passion for doing things right, he's focused on ensuring our team protects each other, our customers and the planet. Overseeing our company’s compliance strategy, Peter is enabling Weev to build strong processes and practices as we aim to gain UK and Ireland recognised ISO accreditations.

Being able to fast charge at the office and access the public charging network using the Weev fobs has streamlined our EV charging operations completely.

Lucy Davis, Marketing Manager

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