EV Charging Software

Switch to EV with our Weev software solutions

At Weev we have created two easy ways to monitor and manage the charging of your business EV with our Weev Power Platform and Weev Business Account.

Weev Power Platform

Perks of the Power Platform

Our charge point operating system gives you full visibility of charger use, carbon information, remote fault diagnostics, and resolution.
Monitor usage

Our software highlights preferred chargers and provides insight into peak usage times and user utilisation. Access all this information through our user-friendly dashboard.

Set your own pricing tariffs

You may want to offer free charging to improve employee retention or set a specific rate for various levels of the team. This can all be done in a few simple steps using our platform.

Remote diagnostics

With Weev we are building a reliable network which is the same as our workplace solutions. Our team can remotely dial into our chargers to resolve any software issues.

Weev Business Account

Our fob. Your fleet.

Our business account provides all employees with an EV charging fob for use across our public network and at your workplace.
Our Fob

Individuals will be issued their personal fob. They can then simply tap and charge across the entire Weev public network.

Account Management

With one central system, our business platform offers complete visibility of all company fobs and usage. Easily add/remove users and generate reports. Costs are clear and a monthly invoice is generated.

Our Network

As Irelands fastest growing reliable EV network your employees can charge up across the Weev network with new locations being added each week.

Weev EV for business

More than a new EV

Thinking of getting a new EV? Get more than that with us. Our deals include tyre changes, servicing, maintenance and repairs, breakdown assistance, a home charger, and installation for only £999.

Plus £50 free credit to use on our Weev public network.